Index Tabs and Mylar Reinforced Tabs

Add organization to your publications with index tabs

If you want to make your publication look organized and professional then turn to index tabs. If you want to add durability to them then turn to mylar reinforced tabs.

If you want to add a professional, organized look to a report, workbook, or any other publication, try using index tabs. Publications will look more professional and organized with easily seen tab dividers that make it faster and easier to look up information and navigate your publication.

Whether you have a 3-ring binder, casebound, or mechanical binding, index tabs can be used to make it easier and faster for your users to find the information they need.

Here at Superior Packaging & Finishing we can die cut standard or customize size tabs, and then bind them with the rest of your publication.

Do I Need Mylar Reinforced Tabs?

Mylar is a transparent polyester film that is similar to cellophane wrap but stronger. Our Scotty 5000 Tabber can be adjusted to cut tab sizes and positions as precise as 1/1000 of an inch. It then uses heat to adhere the mylar film onto the tab, protecting it from curling, bending, and smudging.

Mylar reinforced tabs can be added for a variety of looks and functions. With 16 colors (including clear) of film available, you can easily color code your tabs in addition to any color printing or stock you are using. Your choice of stock is open also, with reinforced tabbing available for both coated and uncoated stocks. Your publications can vary in size, and be as large as 14” x 13.5” or as small as 5” x 4”.

Suggested Index Tab/Mylar Reinforced Tab Applications:

  • Divider Pages For 3-Ring Binders
  • Indexes
  • Instruction and Repair Manuals
  • Legal Exhibits
  • Proposals
  • Reports
  • Sales Catalogs
  • Training Workbooks

Let Superior Packaging and Finishing help you assemble the most professional and organized publication you need. We have all the equipment, including our die cutting and Mylar Reinforced Tabbing machines, in house. Contact us today to get started on your project. Call 781-303-0022 or email

Mylar Reinforced Tabbing Quick Specifications

  • Max sheet size: 14”x13.5”
  • Min sheet size: 5”x4”
  • Max Tab Cut Size: 5”
  • Min Tab Cut Size: 1”
  • Stock Finishes: Coated or Uncoated stocks can be Mylar tabbed (but uncoated is recommended since it lets air escape into the paper, reducing chance of bubbles under the film)
  • Most Common Stock: uncoated, 110# index stock

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