Consumers continue to trend towards custom, individualized products motivating innovative companies to create one-off products to meet these market demands. Perfect for subscription models, personalized products or personalized gifts; book of one products resonate with your audience, command a higher price point and generate consumer loyalty due to the nature of the product. With years of experience in this space we ensure that you are receiving a quality product right out of the gate so your organization can compete and grow.

Web Portal

Web Portal

Superior can connect to your existing storefront via our revolutionary API, or can assist your team to embed web development and editor capabilities on your site. This allows customers to create their own personalized products by inputting their information on your organization’s storefront.
Full Automation & Integration

Full Automation & Integration

Once integrated with your site our API will ingest orders into our system and then aggregate them for production. This fully automated process will then schedule orders for manufacturing where they will be produced with the most advanced features and capabilities available in the book of one space nationwide.
Cover Styles

Cover Styles

Superior possesses the capabilities to print book of one units in both hardcover and softcover, giving your organization and its customers the freedom of choice. Books can also be laminated ensuring both durability and quality while embellishments can further make your personalized product stand out.



Superior offers a variety of book sizes to give your organization the flexibility to add different sizes and styles for personalization. We also offer these sizes in an array of page counts to give your customers the freedom to personalize their books without page restrictions.
Binding Styles

Binding Styles

Our comprehensive offering of binding styles are unmatched in industry and we will work with your organization to identify the correct binding style for your unique products. Choose from a variety of binding styles including: layflat, wire-o, spiral and many more!


Facing declining ad revenue, Tasty- a division of Buzzfeed- sought tangible products to monetize their audience. They wanted to create a customizable cookbook for Black Friday, leaving Superior 30 days to develop a unique solution. Superior utilized our structural design and programmatic processes in collaboration with Tasty to develop a ‘mass personalization’ program complete with packaging and shipping solutions. Superior was able to beat the Black Friday deadline with personalized cookbooks where customers selected 7 (of 20 possible) meal choices, the algorithm which was collaboratively developed then selected 50 recipes (of 120 total)- leading to 15 trillion possible options. Generating over $1 million in sales during the first month of launch.
Tasty Cookbooks


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“After being bounced around for months by all others it was refreshing to meet someone who was genuinely interested in the project at hand. I was immediately put at ease and from that moment on I had a true partner in production. Jim and the team at Superior worked tirelessly, with me, to create the editions of my book that I have today“


Independent Publisher


“The books just arrived a few minutes ago and look FANTASTIC, the packaging is first class and the book itself is great!“




“We hold ourselves to the highest standards and we appreciate the attention to detail and high quality output Superior always delivers“


Meridian Printing


“Superior is instrumental in helping us identify, develop, and launch new products. Their ability to scale up production and handle fulfillment when orders increase has contributed to our storefront’s success“


Scary Mommy


“I am so impressed it is beautifully made, and it makes a really great personalized gift“

Drew Barrymore