The bookmaking market is dynamic and organizations are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to decrease costs while stimulating customer engagement. Printing on demand is the best way to decrease cost while receiving the same if not higher quality products. With print on demand bookmakers can design their product, develop their precise specifications, then print runs of these books as demand arises as opposed to printing large quantities each run.

Eliminate Up Front Orders

Eliminate Up Front Orders

Large up front orders can be costly as initial orders are a big investment and it is often difficult to predict demand. With print on demand bookmakers can order and reorder based on sales figures and expected demand, eliminating uncertainty and large upfront costs.
Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Warehousing fees can become extremely expensive based on the contract as well as the duration inventory sits in the warehouse. Often bookmakers are also forced into higher fees sheerly based on the quantity of books they are pressured to produce and warehouse; eliminate these fees entirely with print on demand from Superior.
Eradicating Obsolescence

Ease of Updates

Small updates to your books can make all the difference, print on demand is perfect for books with updating editions. Additionally if you want to add an endorsement or book review it is as simple as updating your files in our system.

Eradicating Obsolescence

Eradicating Obsolescence

Another issue publishers and bookmakers face is outdated products associated with ordering in large quantities. When printing in large quantities, any unsold editions that become outdated have to be destroyed- wasting your money and increasing overall warehousing fees. Eliminate any potential obsolescence with print on demand.
Lower Prices to Consumers

Lower Price to Consumers

We assist bookmakers in reducing costs along each step of the production process. By reducing warehousing costs, large upfront fees, and eliminating the possibility of excess inventory the overall costs for your organization are diminished. These savings can then be passed on to the consumer to make your pricing more attractive in the ever competitive marketplace.


One of North America’s largest display retailers operates its own print facility; however, ran into capacity issues and was unable to meet order demand. This retailer reached out to Superior to utilize our printing capabilities and capacity. Our technology team was able to connect to their storefront via our API, facilitating the connection and handshake between their storefront and our systems. Superior was able to go live with a fully automated ordering system within 48 hours- where the retailer received all tracking and order information via an integrated custom shipping account.
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“After being bounced around for months by all others it was refreshing to meet someone who was genuinely interested in the project at hand. I was immediately put at ease and from that moment on I had a true partner in production. Jim and the team at Superior worked tirelessly, with me, to create the editions of my book that I have today“


Independent Publisher


“The books just arrived a few minutes ago and look FANTASTIC, the packaging is first class and the book itself is great!“




“We hold ourselves to the highest standards and we appreciate the attention to detail and high quality output Superior always delivers“


Meridian Printing


“Superior is instrumental in helping us identify, develop, and launch new products. Their ability to scale up production and handle fulfillment when orders increase has contributed to our storefront’s success“


Scary Mommy


“I am so impressed it is beautifully made, and it makes a really great personalized gift“

Drew Barrymore