Sustainability at Superior

March 8, 2021

In the past 5 years printing and packaging companies have seen a significant trend in print buying habits, shifting more and more towards sustainability each year. With concerns specifically around plastics, customers are increasingly more conscious about the products they are buying, how they are manufactured, and the sustainability efforts taken. For many consumers this is becoming a crucial factor in the buying process- driving printers to develop, identify and utilize environmentally sound substrates and practices. In certain markets with specific demographics; such as cosmetics, ecological packaging and materials may even be the deciding factor in a purchase decision- as younger consumers are even more keen on shopping ‘green’.

Superior Packaging and Finishing has undertaken a number of changes to our practices in order to become more environmentally conscious; with our largest being an investment in a custom built waste aggregator and compressor. In the printing industry excess materials account for a majority of waste produced. With much of this material being paper- Superior saw this as an opportunity to develop a comprehensive recycling program with partner Northstar Pulp & Paper. Our one of a kind recycling system takes excess waste and scrap, shreds it into particles, then compresses the waste material into a disc. These discs can then be fully recycled and introduced back into the supply chain as raw materials, ultimately producing new recycled substrates. Over the past year our program has saved over 25,000 trees, 8.5 million kWh of electricity, 1,500 tons of CO2, 10.5 million gallons of water and nearly 150,000 ft of landfill space.

Superior Recycling Data
Superior Recycling Data

Superior Packaging and Finishing additionally has always been ahead of the curve in regards to environmentally sound printed goods and packaging, offering a wide range of recyclable and plastic free substrates. Superior purposefully seeks out suppliers who utilize environmentally sound practices, determined by a variety of industry certifications. The Sustainable Forestry Initiative certification ensures suppliers are practicing sustainable forestry on all land they manage, these suppliers also influence millions of additional acres of land by working with loggers and foresters to develop best in class management practices. Another certification Superior seeks out from suppliers is the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). Suppliers with PEFC certification work throughout the entire forest supply chain to promote sustainable practices, ensuring forests are harvested and managed using the highest ecological, social, and ethical standards. The final certification we seek from suppliers is from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The FSC independently tracks, traces and identifies wood fibers from the forest through every step of the procurement, manufacturing, and printing process ensuring the chain follows rigorous control, management and reporting practices. Superior is constantly invested in identifying new environmentally sound product lines, and are proud to introduce EcologicalFibers latest plastic free range of Book Cover material- Rainbow 3. Offered in 4 high quality decoration lines, this plastic free cover material is sure to make your next project sophisticated and unique while keeping the environment at the forefront. The Rainbow marble line features a marble pattern and is offered in 5 different colors, producing the appearance of shiny minerals in vivid colors, ideal for a classy yet unique look. The Rainbow wood grain line exudes the look of natural wood; enhanced with a specialized embossing- this cover line displays the look and feel of real wood without the manufacturing difficulties and unsightly edges. The third new line offered by Rainbow- Lumina, features a pearlescent top coat, providing a lustrous shimmer without the use of plastics or petroleum products. Lastly, Rainbow’s essex line is a perfect option for packaging, covers, and endleafs, putting forward the appearance of woven textile. Whether you are seeking out environmentally friendly packaging, print or anything in between you can be sure Superior Packaging and Finishing is your eco-friendly choice. Contact us today to speak with a professional to discuss your next eco-conscious project.