Personalization In Print

August 26, 2021

Printing technologies such as variable print and print-on-demand have opened up new doors to personalized products and an enhanced customizable experience. Personalization has not only become a major trend but an expectation for customers. At Superior we always aim to forecast and capitalize on emerging print industry trends, providing top-level service to clients and partners alike. Superior is well suited and equipped to execute various projects for personalized products. Our investments in state-of-the-art technology and machinery provide us with the opportunity to offer limitless personalization opportunities. 

Driving Customer Satisfaction

With the rapid emergence of personalized products on the market, there is some level of expectation for personalization from customers because it leaves them feeling valued. Personalization allows a business to differentiate its products from competitors or similar finished goods, creating a value add for these products. Certain aspects of personalization lead consumers to feel as if the product they are investing in is unique and personal, which helps bridge a meaningful connection between the brand and customer. A positive customer experience has a direct correlation with a businesses success. The positive experience generates 20% higher “customer-satisfaction rates, which also generates customer loyalty, contributing to an increase in average customer value. It’s a win, win! 

An example that puts the value of personalization into perspective is Superior’s collaboration with well-known media publication Tasty (a division of Buzzfeed). Tasty wanted to develop a custom, personalized cookbook and requested the cookbook be designed, launched, and ready to sell by Black Friday. This left Superior with 30 days to execute the unique project. Due in large part to our advanced programmatic processes, we were able to comfortably meet that deadline. Superior collaborated with Tasty to create an algorithm which prompted customers to select 7 (of 20 possible) meal choices, generating 50 recipes (of 120 total), resulting in 15 trillion possible options. Every cookbook was created entirely from what each customer selected, discouraging any two from being the same. The personalized custom cookbooks reached over $1 million in sales during the first month of launch. 

Fully Customized Tasty Cookbook

Personal Preference

Research has concluded that 80% of consumers are more likely to buy a product from a business that provides them with a personalized experience. Similarly, when consumers were asked if they would prefer to wait for more personalized products coming from smaller companies; opposed to receiving a product fast from a company such as Amazon,  74% of them said that they would rather wait for personalized products from the smaller companies. Not only do consumers prefer waiting for a personalized product, but when consumers feel like a business has successfully provided them with a personalized product or experience, they are likely to shop for the brand three times more frequently. This aids in facilitating a relationship with a customer that encourages not only repurchasing but also a sense of satisfaction, pride and joy. 

With the proper technologies and a knowledgeable team, adding an element of personalization to a project can be quite simple. From a strictly business standpoint, the advantage of personalization is that it allows businesses to up-charge for a custom product, when very minimal change is needed during the manufacturing process. In some cases, a job might only require one item or part of a product to change in order to create an element of personalization. At Superior, we have the experience, resources, and technology to successfully execute adding any degree of personalization to a product. We have the capability, skill, and machinery to work with all types of printed products and binding styles, such as photobooks, gift books, mailers, candles, and countless other printed goods. Superior technological capabilities provide our organization with the tools to transform basic, static printed products into complex variably printed goods with endless levels of personalization.