"The show went great! The display looked great and they arrived in time to be fulfilled with the snow orders. Thanks to you and your team for creating such a nice display for us!"
Diane Urso, ProMaster

"Just wanted to thank you.........the client was extremely happy with this project. Thanks again for the great work."
Dana Langille, Shawmut

"They're here and they're beautiful!! Thanks!"
Hillary Sandbach, The Four Seasons

"We got great feedback from the client about these boxes. Please let everyone who was involved with the design, production and kitting etc., know how much we appreciate all the hard work in getting this done so well and shipping it out to the client on time. Was a good call to enhance the color and they were delighted with the results. Thanks to you too for managing the process so well and for being flexible and so understanding with all the last minute changes and details."
Aron Blume, HubCast Inc.

"I just wanted to give a big “Thank-You!!"" to everyone at Superior, for all the efforts that went into the Sotheby’s Taubman project. This was by far, one of the most challenging orders that Kirkwood has ever done for Sotheby’s. The customer has been raving about how beautiful everything turned out, and I’m sure we will be entering this in for national awards. Everyone did a great job with all of the upfront footwork; which included many phone calls, meetings, die strikes, scoring test, and prototypes/dummy books. Pat and Jay extra thanks, for the late night strikes and the immense attention you both gave this project from start to finish.. Robert thanks for moving things around to make this happen, as I know it was no picnic the way things were coming in. Wayne and Dennis, thanks for the extra set of eyes and keeping this thing moving. Please send praise to all of your operators as well, they deserve it! A true “Team” effort!!"
Dave Byers, Kirkwood Printing

"Hi and good morning all, I wanted to express to all of you my deepest appreciation for all the hard work and communications throughout this project. I'd say you have hit a grand slam on its production! Thank you again!!!!! "
Joe O'Brien, Shawmut

"Thank you for all that you guys have done to produce the pen box. Terry and her associates are very happy with the result. It always amazes me how projects evolve as we delve into them and certainly, this project was just that. I look forward to other fun projects."
John Cowan, Kirkwood Printing

"The folks at [confidential client] were extremely pleased with the end result of their two orders. We here at Image want to thank you all for turning these two projects around with the attention to detail and the expert production that Superior Packaging & Finishing is so well known for. We look forward to many future projects coming your way. Thanks Again! "
Bill Baird, Image Printing

"Thank you for your attention to quality on this project. It is much appreciated."
Joe DePippo, The Allied Group

"I LOVE it. Thanks for bringing this to life!"
Lee Cohen, Lindon Promo

"Thank you for your attention and effort on the job."
Mike Devine, Graphic Litho

"I got one of the nicest emails that I ever got as a thanks from my client on that perfect bound project. They were very happy with the outcome and a big part of that is thanks to you on the binding end"
Joe DePippo, The Allied Group

"We just got our first product in the box and everything looks great! The exterior film created a very nice finish. Our team was really impressed with the end result. Thanks again for all of your efforts to produce a great quality piece."
Joshua Downs, Formative

"The samples look great!!! We’ve sent the folks at [confidential client] several and will await their response. Thanks again and thank Joey, his work is really nice!!"
Robert Birdsey, Dartmouth Printing Company

"Thanks so much for the great job with the Accept Pack. It came out beautifully. The printing, the cuts and all of the alignments look fantastic! Thanks for the quick turnaround as well."
Chuck Dunham, Emerson

"The client was thrilled with the final product. Also, very happy that Glen came up with an option and saved the client several thousands of dollars."
Bob McCaughey, Shawmut

"It came out great. All are blown away by it. I’m already shooting video for the next round! Thanks to your team"
Jim Porter, Suffolk Construction Company

"My dudes… The boxes came out F@!#ing awesome! The designer who created the artwork layout was stoked about them too.. "
Kevin, Confidential Client

"The slip case boxes turned out awesome, everyone is thrilled. Thank you for your assistance in pulling this off."
Jay Stewart, Puritan Capital

"We received the books! Everyone here is quite pleased with them. Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping us through this process and for working with our tight deadline. It was a pleasure working with you and I look forward to working with you again soon."
Candace Hope, Transit Authority Figures, Inc.

"Thank you for the promotional inserts for our Clinique Client Bags! Our event was a huge success and the marketing helped to drive our business. The clients loved them and it was a great pop of color at the counter! I reapply appreciate the support and can't thank you enough!"
Kristi Richard, Clinique

"I just dropped off samples to my client on the quick turn around BU job that Superior expertly handled. Another happy customer is a great way to start the weekend! Great job by all your team, thanks for making this one possible."
Dave Cady, Puritan | Capital

"Thought I'd share words from a happy customer: "I received my invitation to Gala Event in the mail today, and it looks wonderful! Great job on the printing, foil stamping and embossing!""
Peter Fisher, The Journeyman Press

"I would like to thank you for doing a great job in helping us out, we really appreciate this. All [of] the printing on the 6 lots looks awesome. Please pass on our thank you to the guys in the press room."
John Joyce, Oyo Sports

"I really appreciate how on-top of things you are! Everything I send to you is addressed professionally and quickly."

Everyone here in the office says THANK YOU to you and the whole team at Superior Packaging! You guys rock.
Mark Drury, AOBiome

They're fantastic! We're extremely happy with the final product and are now working full-steam ahead to get these out the door in the first week of the New Year. Thank you for everything. You've been a great resource and I'll definitely recommend you guys to anyone and everyone I can in the future.
Melissa Jakubiec, Findometry