Folding and Gluing

The final step to completing your packaging

You’ve worked with designers, engineers, printers, and die cutters to get the perfect design, color and cut for your package. Now it’s time to put it all together on one of our state of the art inline folder gluers.

Our inline folder gluers transform a die-cut and pre-scored blank (flat material) into the finished product of a box or carton. These sophisticated and highly automated machines fold the flat piece along pre-scored lines and apply hot or cold glue to specific locations. The folded and glued pieces are then run under a pressure roller to cure the glue.

They are capable of flexible configurations for professional, customized package production, and equipped with barcode scanners for detection of incorrect product SKUs to ensure accuracy when running jobs with multiple lots. We can create packaging with many types of folding including: commercial folding, reverse tuck end, straight tuck end, straight tuck end w/hang tag, seal end, tuck top snap lock bottom (aka 1-2-3 bottom), tuck top auto bottom, sleeves, gable top with auto bottom, roll end tray, simplex tray, frame vue tray, 4 and 6 corner beers, pillow pack, edge lock box or display box. And the ability to fold and glue stocks from 8-24 pt board (coated or uncoated), plus E-flute, means that you have a variety of weights to choose from when designing your packaging.

In addition to standard folding and gluing, Superior can also utilize the flexibility of these machines to provide fugitive glue tipping services on flat, folded, or package pieces.

Suggested Jobs for Folding and Gluing:

  • Consumer electronics
  • Food packaging
  • Fragrance packages
  • Promotional packaging
  • Pharmaceutical packaging
  • Product launch packages

Contact us today to discuss your packaging needs. We can complete your job in-house in the most economical way. Just email or call 781-303-0022 today to get started.

Folding and Gluing Quick Specifications:

  • Min length: 2 3/8”
  • Max length: 29 ½”
  • Min width: 2 19/32”
  • Max width: 41”
    • 8-24 pt board (coated or uncoated), plus E-flute
    • Commercial folding
    • Reverse tuck end
    • Straight tuck end
    • Straight tuck end with hang tag
    • Seal end
    • Tuck top auto bottom
    • Sleeves
    • Gable top with auto bottom
    • 4 and 6 corner beers
    • Roll end tray
    • Simplex tray
    • Frame vue tray
    • Pillow pack
    • Display box
    • Dispenser box
    • Book style box
    • Edge lock sleeve
    • Tuck top snap lock bottom (aka 1-2-3 bottom)

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