Corner Stitching

Make use of our specialized equipment for corner stitching large volume projects

Make use of our specialized equipment for corner stitching large volume projects. Even if you have a copy machine or duplicator that can corner stitch or staple inline, it’s still not economical for large volume projects. We have all of the equipment needed to save you time and money on your corner stitching jobs.

What is Corner Stitching?

Corner stitching is simply stapling (or “stitching”) individual sheets together along the corner of each page. It can be used in any industry that has large volume of letters or sheets to be stapled together. Although it can often be done on standard industrial copy machines, it’s simply not economical for large print runs. That’s where Superior can step in to help. We have specialized equipment that saves everyone time and money on large volume jobs needing corner stitching.

You can either provide the printed sheets cut to size, or provide press sheets and we can cut, or we can print, cut, and stitch, then fulfill or mail for you. We have the ability to corner stitch digital or litho and collated or uncollated projects. We want to make it as easy as possible for you.

Suggested Corner Stitching Applications:

  • Raffle tickets
  • Handouts
  • Letters
  • Mailers

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Corner Stitching Quick Specifications:

  • Max sheet size: 12.820” x 7.165"
  • Min sheet size:8.270” x 4.135”
  • Corner Stitching Position: 0.12” x .590” Adjustable

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